Pricing is very individualized and nearly impossible to do without seeing the job and asking questions and discussing options. We offer a free estimate and even offer free advice. Just ask us and we will drop by and give you a free estimate.

As a guide we can give you an idea of what an interior painting project could cost-keep in mind that these are just ballparks to give you a general idea. Actual prices will be different because of factors that cannot be ascertained until we see the room.

Here we go:

    • One Room that is 10 ft by 10 ft by up to a 10 ft ceiling is usually around $250 per room. This is for one color, up to 2 coats, and with under 5 small repairs (small repair being small dings and dents under the size of your thumb). This does not include trim or ceiling. This does include paint and all supplies!
    • For each square foot that the room goes up it is an additional $2.00 per sq ft. For example, a room that is 10 x 12 would be an additional $40 for the extra 20 sq ft. If the ceilings are higher it goes up by $20 per foot of height over 10 Feet.

      Example? The same room above with 11 foot ceilings would be an additional $20 for a total of $260. $220 for the room with $40 for the additional sq ft, and an additional $20 for the extra ceiling height-Total $260

Windows are as follows:

    • Small Window Trim-$75
    • Medium Window Trim-$125
    • Large Window Trim-$175
    • Picture Window-$225
    • This includes light sanding, caulking, and 2 coats of paint.

Doors are as follows:

    • Door Trim Only-$120
    • Door Trim and Door Painting $200
    • This includes light sanding, caulking, and 2 coats of paint. While it is unusual, extra coats of paint if needed are an additional charge.