Our Main Business may be Painting homes in Maine, but we can also do projects from start to finish. Painting is our passion, but anything to do with homes, construction, and beautifying your home is really what we are all about.

Ok, so we all know house painting is not rocket science, or is it? Substrates, moldicides, moisture barriers, accelerator, adhesion promoter, etching, etching primer, guide coat, flex agent… The list goes on. We not only have experience with painting and home repairs, we eat, drink, study, talk about, and dream about what we do!

We start with a thorough inspection of your home or project. We look for any existing problem areas, areas of possible concern, and let you know our the expected time frame. Throughout the project we keep you informed of our time frame and let you know if any issues should arise. We have people on staff that can handle almost any issue; from mold to plumbing and electrical. We know it is cliche, but one call really does do it all!

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