28 May 2014
House Painting
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How to Choose Paint Colors: Practical Tips Make for Half the Hassle

Choosing the right color of the paint for the interior of your home is a bit of a gamble. On a first glance, you may be overwhelmed with dozens and even hundreds of color choices to don’t know even where to begin. On the other hand, understanding a few basic color concepts can help you choose the perfect color for your walls.

In this today’s article I am going to share several simple tips for choosing the right paint color that is perfect not only for you but for your living space as well.

To begin with, let us stop for a moment and analyze at the psychology of colors and how a homeowner can use them to make the process of deciding a lot easier. If you take a look at a color palette (note: it’s easy to find a ready-made scheme online, e.g. http://www.colourlovers.com/palettes) you will easily notice that there are cool tones and warm tones throughout the palette.

It’s important to understand that both cool and warm tones evoke different responses in different people. Warm tones include yellows, reds and oranges and these colors are considered to be vivid, intense and inspire action and alertness. Red, the most dynamic color in the spectrum of the warm tones is undoubtedly the most daring of all colors. I recommend red colors for living rooms, especially if you have mahogany stained hardwood floors. Orange is usually called the ‘social’ color. This makes it a perfect color for your kitchens walls and informal dining rooms. Yellow, an energetic and fun color tends to have an uplifting effect.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are cool tones. These colors inspire meditation and relaxation. They include blues, greens and grays.

Green, the keynote of our planet Earth is restful to the human eye and perfect for bathroom and bedrooms. Blue, the color of the happy sky brings out thoughts of tranquil and serene spaces. Grays suggest formality and dignity. These hues are a perfect choice for home offices.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the white color. It represents justice, harmony and balance. All of this makes it perfect for both traditional and modern spaces.

Browns are grounding and healing colors. These colors are bringing a serene energy as though you’re sitting in a forest.

Function of the Room When Choosing Color

A lot of homes have a few standard rooms we are all used to such as a kitchen, bedroom, kid’s room, bathroom and a hallway. Modern homes have theater rooms, entertainment rooms etc. However, when it comes to choosing a paint color, it all comes down to a few basic rules.

Here are some deciding factors:

  • Climate. In colder climates, warm colors are a very popular choice and vice versa.
  • Orientation of your windows. For example, warm colors are generally used in north facing living spaces in order to warm up the room.
  • Activity. As I already explained, warm colors such as yellow favor activity and stimulation. Cool tones evoke serenity. Just keep in mind that all of these effects increase a proportion to the intensity of the color used.

Finally, it’s really up to you to decide whether to go with a neutral, warm, or cool color palette. I recommend that you consider your personality and the atmosphere you want to create.

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