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House Painters

We set the bar high for ourselves and your home. If we would not do it in or on our home, we would not do it to yours. We only use the highest quality materials in order to ensure a job we can all be proud of. We offer a satisfaction guarantee! 100 percent from start to finish-we are the only ones in Maine that are confident enough to do this!

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Interior House Painting

Interior House Painting

Interior painting is a specialty in and of itself. We use high quality paint, with durability, safety, and the end result in mind. In moisture laden areas, like bathrooms, we use special paint with built in moldicides and moisture blockers-do all painters do this? No, but we do!

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Exterior House Painting

Exterior House Painting

When it comes to exterior painting, you must do the whole process right. If one step is missed, or done improperly, the paint will fail prematurely. Some painters will skip steps (surface prep, mold treatment, dealing with compromised wood, etc) thus allowing them to do the job for less money; we specialize in the prep work; it’s what makes us the best paint company in Maine. We guarantee our work! From A to Z, we take care of it.

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Why Choose Us

Why choose our services?

Here are some FAQs:
  • Our People; See the difference

    All employees undergo a background check. We are all non smoking, wear booties in your home, are clean, polite, and respectful of your family and belongings; we even love pets and take extra steps to be sure that Fido or Buffy the cat are kept safe while we are there.

  • Quality, from beginning to end

    From the brushes that we use, to the booties we wear, to the employees we hire-quality is always a key component. Don’t settle for low cost and low end painters. In the end, if the paint peels, cracks, or fades early, have you really saved any money?

  • Maine Painting Plus

    Yes, we do painting. But, we also do carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and other things that might be needed during your project. We have people on staff that specialize in those areas. We can do it!

  • Guarantee? Yes we do!

    We guarantee our work for 5 years on the Exterior and 10 years on the Interior! Can any other Maine Painting Company do that? No, but we can, and do!

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